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Pre-Spring Design Sale!

The weather is cold, but Spring is right around the corner. To kick off the new year of 2013 we want to offer our customers a great value.  Starting now, until March 21 (the official start of Spring), buy any complete set at the regular price and select a free set from any on our site.  Order your first set as you normally would and then send us an email at to let us know the free set you want as a bouns.  That means you are only paying $5.00 per set!  That’s a great way to save on our best sets!


Also on sale are our great CD collections.  Purchase 1 CD and get a second free.  And, don’t worry about the price of the second CD, even if it’s higher than the one you purchased at the regular price, you still get it free.


So, take advantage of this great opportunity before it’s gone.


GNR Baby Boy Sock Monkeys Featured in Quilting & Embroidery Magazine


The current issue of Quilting & Embroidery magazine is featuring a set of our designs, the Baby Boy Sock Monkeys, in one of their articles on quilting with machine embroidery.  The magazine contacted us several months back to request the use of the Baby Boys and we were excited to help and see what kind of creation they would come up with.  We’ve included a picture of the magazine cover below if you would like to look for a copy, as well as the opening page of the four page article that takes you step by step through the creation of the quilt.  It would be a great resource for those that are new to quilting with their embroidery machines, and any of our sock monkey sets found at the Sock Monkey Central link could be adapted to the plan.
























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We believe we have created some of our most beautiful sets yet, in the FSL Angels , FSL Angels 2 and the Exclusive FSL Angels designs.  The first set has already established a new record for sales on the first day of release, as our customers have really loved the look of these beautiful free standing lace designs.  The second set is already developing its own fan base as well, even though it’s just been released.


It’s also not too early to get started on your projects for next Christmas with any of the numerous new Holiday sets that we offer. 


We are constantly trying to improve our site, so if there as specific designs you would like to see, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our information on the bottom of each page of the site.


As always, our designs are one price, even if you want all hoop sizes available.


See What Our Customers Are Saying!


I am really looking forward to this month’s designs. Each month you outdo yourselves and each month is better than the last.


This is by far the best club I belong to.


Thank you so much, your efforts are appreciated.


Sue R.


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your Sock Monkey Central.  Your prices are lower than anyone else's that I have seen.  Also, you offer them in two sizes for the price of one set.  The others I have seen are only offered in the 4x4  size or, if they are offered in both sizes, there is a cost for each set.


That is not to even mention you have the largest selection of any website of these wonderful designs. 


The cost of membership in GG's Design Club is the best bargain around!


Thanks again,



Sandy R.


You truly have this business figured out!  Customer service, genuine kindness, super fast delivery, great prices, great designs! Kudos!!!


Kristi C.




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  Featured Designs Are Now for Sale!

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Your friends and family will love gifts made from these beautiful designs.     You can design and give ear rings, bracelets,  and necklaces.  Mix and match the designs as you wish.


Add a special touch to these designs by rubbing glitter powder on the them while they are wet after having the Vilene stabilizer removed.  It gives you the effect of the metallic threads without the trouble they can sometimes be to use.

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Simply Hippy Flowers


Filled Set - Two hoop sizes! 

 Little Ballerina Sock Monkeys


Set - Five hoop sizes!



Filled Set  — Six Hoop Sizes

FSL Angels

Valentine Sweeties

Do you know a hockey fan who needs a special gift?  How about a player who needs an angel to watch over them?   Take a look at our unique “Hockey Angels” designs.  You can select your favorite teams colors and even your favorite players number on the larger designs.

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